Walk-in Closets Tips


When it comes to walk-in closets, proper organization can make the difference between a neat storage space and a Class 5 disaster zone. Homeowners in Susquehanna, PA face this challenge every day, but this struggle does not have to consume your life!

Start by organizing your closet into sections. A series of open shelves can store shoes, accessories and any clothes that can be folded. Organize your clothes rack such that more commonly worn garments are near the front and the less-worn pieces are to the back. Alternatively, you can organize your clothes according to casual or formal, or whatever system is most convenient for your personal routine!

Organization of your walk-in closet becomes even easier when you have a custom-designed closet system from Susquehanna Closet & Garage design. Call us at (717) 598-2668 or contact us online today for a FREE consultation!

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